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Published:June 17th, 2016 12:14 EST

Silly Black Bear Halts Traffic After Getting Head Stuck In Coffee Can: Video

By Robert Paul Reyes

The best part of waking up... was getting a coffee can removed from this black bear`s head. The spectacle caused several motorists pull off the side of a highway in Tok, Alaska. Randy Rallo, became curious when he noticed several drivers had pulled off the highway. The 3-year-old adult male bear appeared to be healthy with no signs of injuries. They tranquilized the bear and waited 10 minutes until he was calm, carefully cutting the coffee can and taking it off of its head.

YouTube video description

It`s usually a drunken Palin Family party that gets Alaskans talking, but this time it wasn`t Sarah Palin or one of her slutty daughters who caused an unholy commotion.
It was a silly bear with his fat head stuck in a coffee can stopping traffic.

In the aftermath of a Palin Family party there`s always a few injuries: Black eyes, red cheeks from pimp slaps and the like. Fortunately no driver was injured, and the bear survived his antics without even a bruise.

bearEnjoy the video:

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Photo Credit: Wikipedia