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Published:June 21st, 2016 17:18 EST

Security Guard Videotapes UFO Outside Mall

By Robert Paul Reyes

The motto of a Security Officer is "Observe and Report", a guard working at the "King Best Mall" in Houston observed, reported, videotaped and posted a video of a UFO on YouTube.

While this rent-a-cop was standing in the parking lot of the mall staring at the sky, I wonder how many cars were broken into, how many customers were mugged, and how many shoplifters were making a clean getaway?

This guard who was staring at the skies looking for signs of an alien invasion is no earthly good, he`s supposed to protect the stores in the mall, not protect us from an extraterrestrial invasion.

I saw the video, the UFO looks like a deflated helium balloon.

Moral of this story:

There is a rational explanation for 99.99 percent of UFOs.

If you`re a shoplifter go to "King Best Mall", the have the lousiest security in the country.

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ufoPhoto Credit: Wikipedia