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Published:June 22nd, 2016 16:41 EST
It's Only $750,000

It's Only $750,000

By Ed Roberts




You find out

A person has cancer

There is a treatment available

But it costs $750,000


You stop

And try and wrap your head

Around this number


If you saved every paycheck you make

You could pay this off


In the next 20 years



You stop


For $750,000

You can feed 100 people

For a year


For $750,000

You could build 10 houses


For $750,000

You could buy

30 cars



For $750,000

You can even buy a small yacht



All of these things

You can buy

For $750,000


To some

It really seems like an easy decision


Until you once again stop

And think


And realize


That this one single person


The one that you could save


Is your only child


Ed Roberts


This is not just an arbitrary dollar amount; I know a set of parents who faced this dilemma. For far too many around the world, there is actually no choice at all except to accept an unimaginable loss.