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Published:July 3rd, 2016 21:05 EST

Donald Trump Is Marvel's Latest Comic Book Supervillain

By Robert Paul Reyes

"The latest supervillain from comic book publisher Marvel bears an uncanny resemblance to presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump.


The character is called MODAAK, an acronym for `Mental Organism Designed as America`s King.`

According to, MODAAK appears in the new issue of Spider Gwen, written by Jason Latour, that was published on June 29. Excerpts of the issue found on Twitter show him fighting a female version of Captain America, getting knocked out as he attempts to say, `Must make America`,` and referring to his  `powerful hands.`


It`s hardly a reach to create a comic book supervillain based on Donald Trump; he`s such a cartoonish bigger than life personality.

If I were the writer for Spider Gwen I would give MODAAK the following super powers:

When confronted by superheroes attempting to thwart his dastardly plans for world domination, MODAAK would whip out his micro penis, temporarily disabling his opponents with a fit of uncontrollable laughter. That should give MODAAK all the time he needs to dispatch them to hell.

Thunderous farts would emanate from MODAAK`s sphincter-like mouth, poisoning anyone who gets in his way.

MODAAK could  also use his mighty wig to suffocate any fool who refuses to worship him as America`s King.

MODAKK`S baby hands would be blessed with supernatural strength, he would use his doll hands to crush the family jewels of his enemies. 

It`s hard to say who`s scarier: Donald Trump or MODAAK

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