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Published:July 6th, 2016 16:29 EST

Man Punches Bear in the Face While Defending Dog

By Robert Paul Reyes

"A Canadian man escaped an encounter with a mother bear after it attacked while he was taking his dog for a walk.

The bear struck Nelson in the chest, back and face and he injured his knuckles by punching it in the teeth after failing to find a rock or stick to defend himself.

At this moment the cub let out a whine again calling its mother over.

`Now it was the moment of truth. What`s this bear going to do? Is it going to follow its cub or is it going to come after me?` Nelson said."


In most encounters between a bear and a man, especially when a bear is protecting her cub, I root for the bear. Man is increasingly encroaching on the bears habitat, and nature is better off with less humans and more bears.

But in this case the man was walking with his dog when the bear attacked, and any dog owner worth his salt will risk his life to protect his pooch.

The bear struck Nelson in the chest, back, and face, but he gave as good as he got, punching the bear in the face.

Fortunately, when Mama Bear heard her cub whine, she left to comfort her baby, and Nelson and his dog managed to escape.

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Photo Credit: Wikipedia