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Published:July 12th, 2016 15:02 EST

Viral Video: Monkey Grooms Cat

By Robert Paul Reyes

Bugs Bullock a 16 year old Java Macaque tending to his kitty Snickers out in the play yard.... Snickers is in total Heaven as he sifts through her hair takin care of any kind of unwanted flea loaders or loose unwanted hair leaving her feelin like a beauty Queen that just left the hair dressers

YouTube video description

I have two cats and they spend most of the day sleeping, wreaking havoc and grooming themselves, but I have never seen them grooming each other.

Snickers the cat doesn`t look like she`s in total heaven as Bugs the  monkey sifts through her hair eating fleas, the poor kitty looks likes she`s barely tolerating the unwanted attention.

At least Bugs isn`t eating Snickers -- I must admit they make an adorable pair!


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Photo Credit: Wikipedia