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Published:July 17th, 2016 10:39 EST

Stop the Presses! Scott Baio to Speak at Republican National Convention

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Scott Baio Hand-Picked by a Desperate Trump to Speak at His D-List RNC

The former sitcom star joins fellow VH1 dating show subject Antonio Sabato Jr. as an unlikely speaker at this year`s Republican National Convention.

He had promised an `all-star` gathering of winners the likes of which you`d never seen, name-dropping A-list luminaries such as the Super Bowl-winning quarterbacks Tom Brady and Ben Roethlisberger, as well as decorated coaches Mike Ditka and Bobby Knight.

And he gave us Antonio Sabato, Jr. and Scott Baio."

Daily Beast

It`s not just respected Republican Party elders who are avoiding the Republican National Convention like the plague, even prominent celebrities want nothing to do with Trump`s carnival.

We now learn that Scott Baio has been hand-picked by a desperate Donald Trump to speak at the Republican Convention. In his heyday as a reality show star Trump wouldn`t have picked Baio as a "Celebrity Apprentice" contestant, although he might have put "Charles in Charge" in charge of re-filling the drinks of the real celebrities.

If the Rotary Club of a small town selected Baio as a speaker the parking lot would be half empty -- let`s get real who`s he going to attract besides blue-haired Chachi groupies?

Scott Baio is the poster boy for irrelevance, which makes him the perfect speaker for the Republican Convention which will nominate the political lightweight Donald Trump.

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