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Published:July 19th, 2016 14:41 EST

Donald Trump Will Win: Most Voters Prefer an A-Hole Over a Witch

By Robert Paul Reyes

"There`s a mystery, or riddle, in the latest national Washington Post-ABC News poll.

A majority of registered voters say Donald Trump is not qualified to be president " 58 percent said as much in the latest survey, compared with 42 percent who said Hillary Clinton is unqualified. In all, 49 percent now feel strongly that Trump is not qualified to be president. Yet Trump trails Hillary Clinton by a mere 4 percentage points in the latest survey (47 to 43), a smaller margin than one might imagine, given that so many reject his basic qualifications. How is he overcoming (most of) the deficit?"

Washington Post

You don`t have to be a rocket scientist or a political analyst to deduce that Donald Trump isn`t qualified to be president. Why isn`t he qualified, let me count the ways:

He has no impulse control. If Putin mocks Trump`s baby hands, the crazy billionaire won`t be able to restrain himself from using those aforementioned baby hands to push the nuclear button and wipe out Moscow.

He`s totally ignorant of domestic and foreign policy, you can`t fix a geo-political problem by drowning it with adjectives.

He`s a racist. Period. End of Story!

He`s a narcissist who will put his self-interest over the good of the nation.

He`s an asshol*! Everything that spews  from his piehole is ridicule, insults and mockery. No wonder the God Lord cursed him with a mouth that looks like a sphincter.

So why on Earth is Trump for all intents and purposes tied with Hillary Clinton?

Because Hillary is a corrupt witch who feels it`s her turn to be president, and the electorate is determined to put her in her place, even if it means electing a morally degenerate narcissist who doesn`t know squat about squat.                      

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