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Published:July 19th, 2016 15:06 EST
Food Equals Love

Food Equals Love

By Ed Roberts

Food equals Love


My wife and I were watching a show on Animal Planet

A woman took her parrot to a vet

It was having heart problems

The vet weighed the parrot

She told them that it weighed

One-and one-half times

What it should normally weigh

They told her they would always give it a treat

Every time they could


She told them

In a normal world

A parrot would spend most of its day

Flying in a jungle

It would do this

In search of food

Once it found it

It would often have to work

To crack a shell

And get to the treat " inside


She told this couple

Yes, she understood they loved their parrot

And wanted to show this

By giving it food

In so many ways

Food equaled love


In this case


Too much love "

Was killing their bird


This made me stop for a moment

Actually several of them


When we celebrate a special occasion

A birthday

A promotion

An anniversary

Almost any occasion

What is it we do


If you are like us

At a wedding reception or a birthday party

We have cake and ice cream

When we decide to get together

We go out

And often eat way more

Than we ever would at home

But this is family

This is love


In so many of our lives

Food is a reward

Food equals love


Far too often

I am afraid

Too much love "

Is slowly killing all of us

Or in the least

Not helping us live longer



I love to cook

I love to eat

I love my family


Maybe we just need to find

Some other way

To share our love


Ed Roberts 6/27/58

(Yes, I wrote this on my birthday)