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Published:August 4th, 2016 10:00 EST

Trump Called 'Loudmouth Dick' Live on CNN: Video

By Robert Paul Reyes

"It`s every producer`s nightmare: that great guest you`ve booked, the one who tells it like it is, goes way too far and uses obscene language on-air.

That`s what happened earlier this evening when strategist Liz Mair called Donald Trump a `loud mouth dick` live on CNN. In the clips below, watch as Anderson Cooper tries to pretend he didn`t hear it and moves forward with the interview as though nothing had occurred. It`s exactly what a broadcaster should do in this situation."


Donald Trump doesn`t have a filter, he utters whatever nonsense pops into his diseased brain -- perhaps  it`s excusable if a political analyst uses an expletive to describe him. 

But would it be more accurate to describe Trump as a "loud mouth a-hole", as opposed to a "loud mouth dick"?

Let`s consider:

Judging by his diminutive hands Trump`s penis is microscopic in size, therefore if his Johnson could speak, it would be with a teenie-weenie voice.

On the other hand, Trump`s mouth looks like a sphincter, and we`ve all heard the loud racist and misogynist rants that have emanated from his piehole.

Case closed! When referring to Trump it`s more accurate to call him a "loudmouth a-hole."

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