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Published:August 8th, 2016 09:18 EST

Hillary Clinton Short Circuited Her Campaign! Is She a Clone, Robot, Mind Control Victim, or Just a Heartless Witch?

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Donald Trump is striking hard at Hillary Clinton over her recent remarks that she `short-circuited` when discussing her private email use in media interviews. The GOP presidential nominee implied that Clinton was "brainwashed` and unfit to occupy the Oval Office."

CBS News

Trump`s insinuation that Hillary has been brainwashed resonates with his loyal followers, many of whom believe she is under Illuminati MK Ultra mind control.

It also strikes a chord with mainstream Americans (Republicans, Democrats and Independents) who perceive Hillary as robotic, and devoid of charm and personality.

I don`t know if Hillary is a clone, a robot, under the control of the Illuminati, or if she is just a heartless witch, but I do know that I`d rather drink a beer with Trump, than spend one second in her icy presence.

Trump is unfit to be president because he has the temperament of a colicky baby, and he doesn`t know Jack about anything.

Hillary is unfit to be president because she`s a corrupt robotic hag who can`t possibly empathize with the worries and concerns of regular folks.

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