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Published:August 9th, 2016 00:54 EST

Pet Wallaby Searches Owner's Fridge for Snacks: Video

By Robert Paul Reyes

"A Colorado pet owner shared video of an unusual resident -- a wallaby -- digging through the refrigerator for snacks like a teenager.

The video, posted to YouTube by Welby the Wallaby, shows the exotic pet digging through his owner`s fridge at their Colorado home."


I have a dog and two cats and they are spoiled rotten, they eat more human food than pet food.

My pooch turns her nose at doggie treats, the only kind of treats she likes are slices of ham or a hamburger patty.

However I draw the line at letting my pets dig through my fridge in search of snacks.

Welby the Wallaby is pampered beyond belief; his owner lets him ransack his fridge in search of treats.

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