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Published:August 9th, 2016 00:46 EST

Rio Olympics Bathroom Sign Bans Fishing in Toilets

By Robert Paul Reyes

"A U.S. Olympian competing in Rio de Janeiro shared a photo of an unusual bathroom sign banning throwing toilet paper into toilets -- and using commodes as fishing holes.

Basketball star Elena Delle Donne posted a photo to Instagram showing the instructions posted outside of an Olympic Village bathroom.

The sign appears to ban bathroom users from throwing trash in toilets, vomiting in toilets, standing on top of toilets to squat over the bowl, using a fishing rod to try to catch sea life in the toilets, and standing sideways at a urinal -- presumably to defecate."


The rivers, streams and lakes in Brazil are polluted; no sane person would use any body of water for recreational activities. Brazilians probably use toilets as fishing holes, considering it`s the cleanest water available. Residents of Rio need to be reminded not to use their commodes as fishing holes, but civilized people are perplexed by such a strange warning.

The prohibition against vomiting in toilets doesn`t make any sense, where the hell are you supposed to vomit if you get sick from eating fish from a contaminated river in Brazil?

As far as the warning against standing sideways at a urinal, I guess some of the limber gymnasts might be tempted to urinate at such a strange angle.

I don`t have to worry about the weird signs in restrooms in Brazil; I don`t plan on ever visiting that hellhole.

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