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Published:August 23rd, 2016 17:24 EST

Where's Hillary?

By Robert Paul Reyes

"DEMOCRATIC presidential candidate Hillary Clinton has been lampooned on social media as `missing in action`, with the hashtag #WheresHillary trending number one globally.

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, who visited flood-ravaged Louisiana on Friday to deliver supplies and meet with locals, gave the hashtag a boost over the weekend.

`#WheresHillary? Sleeping!!!!!` he tweeted to his 11.1 million followers.:


Recently on the stump Donald Trump has argued that Hillary Clinton doesn`t have the stamina to be president, as if to prove his point Hillary has taken an extended vacation from campaigning.

Before an aide wakes Hillary and guides her to the bathroom, Trump has already insulted dozens on Twitter, been interviewed on TV, and delivered a couple of speeches.

Where`s Hillary? According to Trump she`s sleeping. When Hillary is delivering a speech, the question can still be asked: Where`s Hillary? Hillary`s not all there, she`s constantly forgetting her lines and having odd seizures.

Where`s Hillary? For the love of God I hope and pray that the answer will never be: She`s in the White House.

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