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Published:August 26th, 2016 18:21 EST

Donald Trump Stop Calling Hillary Clinton a Bigot!

By Robert Paul Reyes

Ben Carson has publicly called on Donald Trump to stop calling Hillary Clinton a bigot ; I echo his sentiments.

Hillary Clinton is a lot of things:  A repressed latent lesbian, a pathological liar, a psychopath unable to empathize with regular persons, an enabler of her husband`s reckless and serial defilement of women, a corrupt politician,  a feckless leader who is too cowardly to confront Islamic radicals, a globalist, a member of the Council on Foreign Relations, a card-carrying member of the establishment, a fervent supporter of the criminal enterprise Planned Parenthood, a supporter of the climate change deception, a mirthless witch, a gun-control fanatic, a pantsuit-wearing freak, a woman with serious physical and psychological issues, a one-percenter whose agenda is antithetical to democratic ideals, and a generally rotten human being.


But she`s not a racist or a bigot. Hillary`s liberal policies keep blacks and Latinos in the ghetto dependent on goverrment handouts, but she`s not a bigot. 

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