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Published:September 13th, 2016 09:10 EST

Sick Hillary Clinton Belongs in a Basket of Deplorables, Not in the White House

By Robert Paul Reyes

Three blood clots, a concussion, deep vein thrombosis, fractured elbow, pneumonia, double vision, hypothyroidism, allergies, these are serious medical conditions that Hillary has suffered not over her entire life, but just in the past few years.

God only knows what other debilitating infirmities Hillary has, considering that she only reveals injuries and diseases when she has no choice.

Hillary`s medical history and her penchant for keeping personal and medical information private is now the top issue of the 2016 presidential campaign.

Hillary was diagnosed with pneumonia on Friday but she didn`t reveal this critical medical information to the public until she was videotaped passed out on her feet and being helped into her van on Sunday. The public would never have known that the 69-year-old candidate was suffering from pneumonia had she not been caught on tape being thrown into her van like a side of beef.

On a side note if Hillary has highly contagious bacterial pneumonia what the hell was she doing playing with her grandchildren on Sunday, and hugging people and kissing babies on the campaign trail?

"Antibiotics can take care of pneumonia. What`s the cure for an unhealthy penchant for privacy that repeatedly creates unnecessary problems?" tweeted David Axelrod. If a Democrat heavyweight publicly expresses such concern about Hillary`s obsessive need for secrecy, you can imagine what ordinary Americans are saying about Hillary.

At this critical juncture in our history, the last thing America needs is a 68-year-old president who is a physical and mental basket case. A mentally unbalanced and physically infirm Hillary Clinton belongs in a basket of deplorables, not in the White House. 

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