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Published:September 14th, 2016 12:11 EST

Man Hangs Hillary Clinton Effigy Along Interstate 5: Video

By Robert Paul Reyes

"As the presidential campaign continues into uncharted territory of vitriol and hyperbole, one Oregon man has made a visual statement extreme for even this election season by hanging an effigy of Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton from a crane along Interstate 5, according to media reports.

The candidate`s likeness " clad in a black wetsuit, women`s clothing and a blonde wig " dangles from a tall crane outside of the town of Sutherlin."

Oregon Live

Some tender spirits might be offended at the sight of an effigy of Hillary Clinton hanging from a crane, but I think the display is a masterpiece of political art, and a glowing example of freedom of speech.

The lifeless effigy bears a striking resemblance to the deathly ill Hillary, hopefully it will remind people that voting for the Democratic nominee is a horrible idea.

However erecting the display by a busy highway may cause traffic accidents, a better location for the display would be the White House Rose Garden.

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