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Published:September 15th, 2016 15:39 EST

Miracle Puppy Saved by Clever Pooch

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Miracle baby pup saved by clever dog.

This is baby Autumn who was brought to us today after she had been thrown onto a rubbish pile and left for dead. We have no idea why this little pup was abandoned in the way she was but we know it is a miracle she is alive as the place she was left is an empty almost derelict site well away from the public where rubbish is dumped in a corner.

puppy Autumn is only seven to ten days old and would not have lasted probably even 24 hours if she had not been spotted by a very clever terrier called Poppy who when out for a walk with her owner ran over to the rubbish pile and refused to return when called. Poppy`s owner had to walk over to see what Poppy was sniffing when she discovered little Autumn just lying there in the rubbish."

Dublin SPCA Facebook Page

This story speaks volumes of man`s inhumanity, what kind of a monster would toss a puppy into a pile of trash? If this adorable puppy would have been taken to an animal shelter, she would have been adopted.

Fortunately, this story also speaks of the compassionate and loving nature of dogs, and the good people who love them.

Autumn is in the good hands of the SPCA, and she is available for adoption. The good people in this world greatly outnumber the bad, and I`m sure there Autumn will have no problem finding a loving forever home.

Visit your local animal shelter, there are many adorable puppies just like Autumn waiting to be adopted.

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