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Published:September 21st, 2016 13:26 EST

Loathsome Harry Reid Attacks Repellent Donald Trump Over His Taxes

By SOP newswire3

"Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid argued that Donald Trump has not released his tax returns because he`s not worth as much as he claims.

`He`s not worth nearly as much as he claims to be, that`s a secret he doesn`t want anyone to know,` Reid said on the Senate floor. `Simply put, Trump is faking his net worth because he doesn`t want us to know that he`s not a good businessman.`

This was not the first time that Reid has taken this tack. In 2012, he alleged that then-Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney had not paid taxes in over a decade, citing an anonymous source. That was revealed to be untrue when Romney released his returns, but Reid never apologized."


Donald Trump is a crude racist ignoramus who may become the next President of the United States, because his opponent is a heartless corrupt frail witch. Trump`s buffoonery is at least good for comic relief, while on the other hand there is nothing remotely humorous about Hillary.

When Trump is attacked by the likes of mealy-mouthed
Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid it only redounds to the billionaire`s  favor. Reid is so universally despised that a couple of years ago when he was blinded in one eye while exercising with an elastic band, most of us were doubting our faith in God because he wasn`t blinded in both eyes and rendered mute.

Not to put to fine a point on it, but Reid is a lying sack of crap. In 2013 he stood in the well of the Senate and falsely accused
then-Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney of not having paid taxes in over a decade. When Romney released his taxes, Reid never apologized.

Trump`s supporters don`t give a rat`s ass if he doesn`t release his tax returns, and nobody wants to hear what Reid has to say on the matter.

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