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Published:September 30th, 2016 11:31 EST

Mexican Magazine Gives Donald Trump a Hitler Mustache

By Robert Paul Reyes

Donald Trump is in desperate need of a makeover, but there may not be any makeup artists, who tend to be gay, willing to work on the fascist.

However, I have seen a pretty decent makeover on the cover of a Mexican publication.
The cover of the Mexican monthly literary magazine, Letras Libres, features a portrait of Trump with the words "Fascista Americano" (American fascist) in black ink placed over his lips. The text of the words resemble a Hitler mustache.

The Hitler mustache distracts attention away from Trump`s sphincter-like mouth, and it serves as a warning that fascism is alive and well in America.

If you are tempted to vote for Trump, I hope you take a good look at the cover of Letras Libres:

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Photo Credit: Wikipedia