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Published:October 13th, 2016 15:10 EST

Clover the Kitten Loves Bath Time: Video

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Cats have a reputation for despising water; since they already know how to bathe themselves, they`ll tear away from the tub faster than you can say `Here, kitty kitty.` However, Clover the rescue kitten doesn`t know too many cat rules yet, like how to use the litter box or keep herself clean.

As such, it`s up to Clover`s human, Luna, to bathe her by hand. He uses a special technique to make sure that his feline friend doesn`t associate bath time with feeling anxious. You`d think that little Clover would instinctively resist, but she reacts in the cutest way. Keep your eyes on Clover`s face!

Honest to Paws

I`ve owned cats most of my adult life, and I learned decades ago that they despise water. My 25-pound kitty, Tico, is the most mellow feline in the world, but I don`t think I would survive trying to give him a bath.

Clover the kitten hasn`t yet learned the facts of life for a cat: Cats love boxes and catnip, but they hate cucumbers and water. Look at the look of pure contentment on Clover`s face as her owner bathes her by hand.

Watching Clover enjoying her bath is therapeutic, fortunately watching my kitties lick themselves clean is almost as relaxing.

Enjoy the video:

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Photo Credit: Wikipedia