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Published:October 13th, 2016 15:32 EST

Photo of Kitten Wearing Old Tube Sock as Sweater Goes Viral

By Robert Paul Reyes

"A kitten rescued from Hurricane Matthew became an Internet sensation.

The tiny tabby was photographed wearing a sweater made from an old tube sock.

The story has a happy ending " the kitten was adopted by a family."


Video of the perverted Republican nominee for President of the United States bragging about how he can get away with groping women because he`s a celebrity. Hacked emails revealing the cynicism and corruption of the Democratic party. Watching TV or surfing the Internet during this election season makes you want to throw up in disgust.

We`re drowning in filth, and we desperately need a story that will make us smile and say: Aww!

How about a story about a kitten who was rescued from Hurricane Matthew and was adopted by a loving family when they saw the adorable kitten wearing a sweater made from an old tube sock.

This is perhaps the only image in the world than can erase the image of a decrepit and perverted billionaire grabbing a woman`s vagina.

Pics of adorable kitty: