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Published:October 15th, 2016 11:11 EST

Florida Woman Donates Her Pubic Hair to Pervert Donald Trump

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Emily Robinson heard Trump`s now-infamous grab her by the pussy " comments around the same time her house received a mailer from the Republican presidential nominee`s campaign asking for donations. She decided to comply.

But instead of sending cash, Robinson sent Trump a message " clippings of her own pubic hairs.

Along with the hair, Robinson sent a note:

Dear Mr. Trump, I`m not able to mail you my actual pussy, so I`ve included the next best thing, Cheers, Emily."

Huffington Post

Some folks might find Robinson`s protest offensive, but it`s nowhere near as offensive as Trump`s sexist comments, and predatory behavior towards women.

If Trump attempted to grab Robinson by the pussy, at best his disgusting tiny hands would be able to snatch only a few pubic hairs -- her protest is spot on.

I don`t understand how any decent person can send donations to the presidential campaign of a pervert billionaire who doesn`t pay any taxes and sexually assaults women.

If every woman sent pubic hair instead of money to Donald Trump, he might get enough hair to make a dozen wigs for himself, and his campaign would go bust for lack of funds.

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