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Published:October 15th, 2016 11:50 EST

Romeo the Cat and Juliet the Dog: A Love Story

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Meet Romeo the cat and Juliet the dog, star-crossed lovers at a California animal shelter who are now looking for a home that will take them in -- only if they can stay together, of course.

The orange Tabby and gray Miniature Schnauzer had been living as strays on the street until two weeks ago, when they were rescued and brought to Chula Vista Animal Care Facility in Chula Vista, California, according to Amanda Mills, an administrator at the shelter.

A Good Samaritan had found the pair hiding under a car together and cuddling, Mills told ABC News today. And when they were brought in together, they immediately showed they didn`t want to be separated, and they physically tried to stay together."

ABC News

This is truly a Shakespearean love story: Love kept Romeo the cat and Juliet the dog from giving in to despair in the mean streets of Chula Vista. A Good Samaritan finds them cuddling together under a car, and brings the couple to an animal shelter. At the animal shelter Romeo is kept with the cats and Juliet with the dogs, but the lovesick couple is reunited when the shelter employees realize that they were miserable without each other.

Love transcends species and logic, Romeo and Juliet were meant to be with each other. The
Chula Vista Animal Care Facility is waiting for a family to adopt them as a couple.

If you live in Chula Vista for God`s sake adopt Romeo and Juliet, they were meant to live together for the rest of their lives. Please, this story is destined to have a happy ending.

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