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Published:October 27th, 2016 16:25 EST

Outrage: Customer Disses Bodega Cat on Yelp

By Robert Paul Reyes

"A bodega cat is a friendly kitty who lives in N.Y.C. corner stores and delis in order to drive away vermin and give people something to Instagram. They are sweet, silly and good company when you are buying an ill-advised meatball hero at 2 in the morning.

One customer, however, is not fond of bodega cats, and let her thoughts be known on Yelp, where she wrote a 1-star review of the S.K. Deli Market in the East Village, because of the bodega`s cat, Star."


In New York it`s kosher to criticize the mayor, complain about Times Square, and boo the New York Yankees, but it`s sacrosanct that you don`t speak an ill word about bodega cats.

Bodegas are quintessentially New York, and bodega felines are petted and pampered by bodega customers. The typical New Yorker would rather curse his wife in public than say anything less than complimentary to a bodega kitty.

Diana D had the temerity to wonder what the health code would say about a cat perched on top of a case of Budweiser at a bodega. Well, if the health inspector was a New Yorker he would praise the bodega owner for owning a cat to keep the bodega rat free.

Diana D should be tarred and feathered, kicked to the curb, and humiliated on social media. Doesn`t the Philistine know that bodega cats are a sacred cow?

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