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Published:October 28th, 2016 10:28 EST

Donald Trump: 'We're Gonna Work on Our Ghettos'

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Donald Trump referred to minority neighborhoods as `ghettos` while speaking at a Toledo, Ohio, rally this afternoon.

`We`re gonna work on our ghettos and so the -- ` Trump said, breaking off before going on to list the problems affecting the `inner cities.`

`You take a look at what`s going on, you have pockets of areas of land where you have the inner cities, you have so many things, so many problems, so many horrible, horrible problems,` he continued."

ABC News

Donald Trump needs to refine his message to "the blacks", and he can start by refraining from using a pejorative word like "ghetto." Sometimes Trump says "inner cities", evidence that he can discipline himself if he is so inclined.

Trump seems to think that with the exception of a few celebrities all blacks live in the ghetto, a hellhole were residents are peppered with gunfire as soon as they step outside of their homes.

The blowhard billionaire is so terrified of the ghetto, that when he makes an outreach to African Americans he does so from the safety of an all-white crowd in the suburbs.

Trump will be lucky if he can garners 5% of the black vote, his outreach to the black community has only served to further alienate blacks, and everybody else who despises pandering politicians. 

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