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Published:November 1st, 2016 17:36 EST

Bizarre Steet Fight Between Two Tortoises in China: Video

By Robert Paul Reyes

"A pedestrian in China captured footage of a bizarre street fight between two tortoises featuring the larger reptile using its head.

The video, recorded on a street in Jining, Shandong Province, shows a larger tortoise forcefully and repeatedly head-butting a small tortoise on a paved surface.

The smaller tortoise travels a few inches with each surprisingly speedy impact from its larger cousin."


In America we have ratchet fights in the hood, in Australia kangaroos kick box in suburban streets, and in China tortoises battle to the death in the streets.

Damn, it seems you can`t step outside anywhere in the world and not be exposed to vicious fights. The small tortoise didn`t have a prayer against the much bigger tortoise, I hope a pedestrian didn`t pick up the vanquished tortoise and make turtle soup out of the unfortunate creature.

Link to video: