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Published:November 26th, 2016 16:53 EST

Accept Reality: America Has Elected a Racist Moron as President of the United States

By Robert Paul Reyes

On Monday Michigan is expected to certify its presidential election results that will officially give Donald Trump well over 300 electoral votes, by any measure an Electoral College landslide.


Meanwhile the votes are still being tallied in California, and Hillary Clinton has now expanded her popular-vote lead to more than two million (64.4 million to 62.3 million.)

Hillary`s popular-vote victory and her senior citizen`s discount card might get her a cup of coffee for less than $2 at Starbucks, but it won`t change the outcome of the election.

This had led some disappointed and disgruntled Democrats to call for the Electoral College system to be revised or abolished, but that`s not going to happen. The Senate will unanimously pass a declaration stating that Donald Trump is a scholar, gentleman and a gifted statesman with the most beautiful and impressive penis in the universe, before the Electoral College is abolished.

Abolishing the Electoral College would require an amendment to the United States Constitution -- which would need a two-thirds majority in both the House and the Senate, and then it would have to be ratified by 38 states. You don`t have to be a political science major or a rocket scientist to deduce that`s impossible in today`s partisan political climate.

Our presidential election system is what it is, and hard as it may be, we must resign ourselves to the reality that we have elected a know-nothing racist egomaniac as President of the United States.

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