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Published:January 18th, 2017 10:42 EST

Unipiper Keeps Portland Weird by Shoveling Snow While Riding a Unicycle

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Oregon`s Unipiper proved `Keep Portland Weird` is an all-seasons struggle when he was filmed shoveling snow while riding his unicycle and playing bagpipes.

The Unipiper, aka Brian Kidd, posted a video to YouTube showing him shoveling snow from the sidewalk in his Portland neighborhood.
Kidd, whose unicycle multitasking videos have repeatedly gone viral, rides his unicycle and plays `The Imperial March` from Star Wars on his flame-shooting bagpipes while clearing the snow."


I love snow, it turns even the most gritty urban neighborhood into a virginal winter wonderland. But after a few moments of gazing with wonder and amazement at the beautiful scenery, I think to myself: Damn, I have to shovel my driveway!

Clearing a driveway is a precarious task, if you exert too much energy you risk slipping and cracking your skull. That`s why I usually pay a neighborhood kid a few dollars to do it for me.

The unipiper is a wanker plain and simple: How dare he show up average males, who can`t walk and chew gum at the same time, by shoveling snow while riding his unicycle and playing flaming bagpipes.

The unipiper should consider keeping Portland weird by jumping off a skyscraper while clad in diapers and playing a flute.

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