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Published:January 21st, 2017 10:38 EST

Woman Beats Her Pregnant Sister to a Bloody Pulp Over a Weave

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Angered that her pregnant sister refused to return a weave, a Florida woman allegedly pummeled her sibling, according to cops who arrested the accused assailant on a felony battery charge.

Police allege that Aryanna Ieasha Reed, 25, battered her sister Tyteahni, 24, during a confrontation Saturday afternoon at the victim`s Jacksonville apartment.

As detailed in a police report, Tyteahni told investigators that Reed had called her to demand the return of the hairpiece, which Reed had given to her sister as a Christmas present. When Tyteahni refused to return the weave, Aryanna came to the victim`s apartment and confronted her."

The Smoking Gun

I`m cognizant that in da hood Tide bottles have become ad hoc street currency, with a bottle going for either $5 cash or $10 worth of weed or crack cocaine. In da hood it`s de rigueur for women to wear weaves; I wonder if weaves are used as a barter system in the inner city?

It certainly seems that weaves are highly treasured in economically-deprived municipalities, witness a weave in this sordid tale presented as a Christmas present.

Perhaps Aryanna was out of cash and she was desperate to buy crack, so she asked her sister to return the weave she had given to her as a Christmas present
to use as barter to purchase crack. Not surprisingly the sister wasn`t inclined to return the weave considering she was wearing it on her head.

Violence is always lurking beneath the surface in the ghetto, and this verbal dispute over a weave quickly degenerated into a bloody fistfight with the pregnant sister getting the worst of it.

Aryanna was charged with aggravated battery on a pregnant woman, and naturally she accused the arresting officer of being a racist. I guess if a cop arrests a black woman for beating up her pregnant sister that makes him a racist.

weave Just another day in da hood ...

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