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Published:March 4th, 2017 17:33 EST

Donald Trump and the Press Must Call a Truce

By Robert Paul Reyes

Donald Trump has been president for less than two months, but it seems like two years. Every day, if not every hour, of the Trump administration brings a new senseless Twitter attack, overreaching executive order, or poorly planned policy initiative.


The Russia controversy is a cancer that is quickly metastasizing, claiming another official of the nascent administration in almost every news cycle. The Russian connection may not bring down the Trump presidency, but it`s crippling his agenda.

The president is mired in historically low approval ratings, and his only recourse is to demonize an entity, the press, that has an even more dismal approval rating.

Trump and the press are engaged in trench warfare, every new engagement between these implacable foes only serves to diminish the reputation of both of them.

Both parties of this conflict have gone nuclear: Fake news vs incoherent rants and peeves.

The bloody Korean War ended with an armistice, not a peace treaty. Donald Trump and the media aren`t going to be singing Kumbaya anytime soon, but for the sake of our democracy, if not our sanity, I implore them to call a truce. This interminable sniping between the Trump administration and the press must stop.

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