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Published:March 9th, 2017 15:29 EST

Alameda City Council Calls for President Trump's Impeachment

By Robert Paul Reyes

Tuesday night the Alameda City Council passed a resolution asking Congress to investigate whether to impeach President Trump.

trump The island city of Alameda isn`t a liberal bastion, like the cities that surround it: The People`s Republic of Berkeley, Oakland and San Francisco.

Trump is only two months into his administration, and already there`s talk of impeachment, it`s only a matter of time before dozens, if not hundreds, of municipalities introduce impeachment resolutions.

City councils have no actual authority to call for an impeachment, but they can send a message: Enough with the inflammatory tweets and clownish behavior.

I`ll be the first to admit that city councils should focus their energy and attention on fixing potholes, affordable housing and fighting crime, but somebody needs to speak truth to power.

I lived in the beautiful city of Alameda for a few years, and this bold action is sparking a desire to return for a vacation.

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