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Published:March 15th, 2017 11:31 EST

Rachel Maddow: Most Epic Fail in Cable News History

By Robert Paul Reyes

For a few moments MSNBC`s Rachel Maddow was in a position that she`s unfamiliar with: At the center of the political world.

With a single tweet, Maddow became the Coc*tease Queen of Cyberspace:

We`ve got Trump`s tax returns ... (Seriously)

Trump haters and political junkies were salivating at the prospect that Maddow was going to bring down the Trump administration by exposing his shady business dealings live on her program.

Maddow`s butch lesbian vibe and didactic presentation aren`t my cup of tea -- not that there`s anything wrong with butch lesbians or ponderous speakers. But even I was waiting with bated breath for the big reveal.

MSNBC even stole a page from the CNN playbook,
running a countdown clock on its screen counting down the minutes to a "Trump Taxes Exclusive."

All eyes were on Maddow even though it was actually another reporter`s exclusive, the two pages from Trump`s 2005 federal tax return were mailed to David Cay Johnston, author of the book, "The Making of Donald Trump."

Maddow`s publicity stunt was such an epic fail that commentators were wondering if Trump had leaked his own tax returns. The only thing we learned is that Trump made a lot of money and paid a lot in taxes,Trump couldn`t ask for better publicity or a bigger diversion from his TrumpCare disaster.

These hashtags were trending on Twitter after Maddow`s epic fail: #GeraldoRivera, #AlCapone, #LebronJames, #bitchgotplayed, #MSNBCsucks, #exclusivemyass, #fakenews

That tells you everything you need to know about the most epic fail in cable news history.

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