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Published:June 1st, 2017 18:45 EST

Hillary Clinton Blames Media and DNC for Her Crushing Defeat!

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Hillary Clinton`s list of who`s to blame for her 2016 election loss gets longer with every passing day.

On Wednesday, in an interview with Recode`s Walt Mossberg and Kara Swisher, Clinton added a few more names to her list: The New York Times and the Democratic National Committee. That`s in addition to the media, James Comey, Donald Trump, the Russians and her supporters` assumptions that she would win the race.

The one person missing from that list? Hillary Rodham Clinton."


Donald Trump is the worst president in history, and he`s already committed enough crimes to merit impeachment. But every time Hillary Clinton opens her mouth it confirms my belief that he beat the only politician who would have done a worse job than him.

Hillary Clinton is an awful candidate, and she would been a god-awful president. Trump`s willful ignorance, ineptitude and arrogance will lead to his downfall, but Hillary`s pride, feeling of entitlement and superiority would have led to a similarly quick ruination.

Hillary can`t admit to herself, and certainly not to others, that she lost to a buffoon who just winged it all the way to the White House. In the days following her humiliation she blamed FBI Director James Comey, and the Russians for her loss. Now she`s blaming the media and the Democratic National Committee (DNC).

I will concede that Comey`s letter to Congress on October 28, 2016 and Russia`s meddling in the election played a part in Hillary`s loss, but she has only herself to blame for setting up a private server in her home, ignoring Wisconsin and Michigan, and failing to campaign as diligently as her opponent.

But placing the blame for losing the election on the media is patently ridiculous. The cable news networks provided saturation coverage of Trump, only because the reality star boosted their ratings. But they mocked and criticized him mercilessly, they didn`t take his campaign seriously. Hillary was endorsed by almost every major newspaper, and they treated her like a president-elect, even though she didn`t give the media the time of day. Hillary was too good to grant interviews to the press or to mingle with the voters, she spent an inordinate amount of time at fundraisers and giving speeches to the likes of Goldman Sachs.

To blame the DNC for her loss is the most ridiculous thing Hillary has ever said. This is the same DNC that was led by her BFF

Wasserman Schultz. This is the same DNC that rigged the primaries in her favor. This is the same DNC that did everything possible to undermine the campaign of Sen. Bernie Sanders, perhaps the only Democrat who could have beat Trump.

Hillary claims that the DNC was bankrupt, and its data was mediocre to poor. Maybe so, but the DNC did everything possible to help her win.

Hillary should do herself and the Democratic Party a favor and shut the hell up. Every campaign has bad breaks, bottom line she has only herself to blame.

The New York Times and the DNC are to blame for Hillary`s crushing defeat? I have only two words in reply: BITCH PLEASE!

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