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Published:July 3rd, 2017 11:01 EST
Why Dirty Boxing For Defending Yourself?

Why Dirty Boxing For Defending Yourself?

By Ron G Anselm

I bet a lot of you have never heard the term "Dirty Boxing." No it`s not two boxers standing in the middle of the ring that haven`t showered for a while, it`s based on the concept of street fighting with no rules boxing.

When we think of boxing we think of two warriors in the middle of a ring at Madison Square Garden ready to knock the living crap out of each other. I`m old school so I have seen so many great fights over the years that ended in a TKO or many in a knockout that I still remember every punch that was thrown and how devastating that fight was which proved Western Boxing to be an effective fighting system.

Over the years the fighting systems that have been around a while have taken a sort of high-tech concept of how to demolish your next attacker and how to do it with self-confidence and in a professional way.

I recently took a big interest in one of those high-tech systems known as Dirty Boxing and for years in my fighting style I was actually practicing the Dirty boxing concept without even knowing it. If you are into boxing or know the concept of this Martial-art then you know how effective this art can be on the street.

In the ring again where there are rules and a referee you know how devastating a job, cross, hook and then an uppercut can be when making impact with the body and head of your opponent. More than likely causing an instant knockout will happen or at least a nice headache that night for the person on the receiving end of this. So, if boxing with rules is devastating in the ring then think how effective it is on the street without rules.

When we take a look at the techniques of traditional Boxing and we think and change our mindset from the rules of the ring to the everyday dangers of the street we then can see how we can take techniques from boxing and use this on the street with additional techniques from some of the other Martial-arts added in. So, what is Dirty Boxing?

Dirty Boxing or Filipino Boxing also known as Suntukan or Panantukan is a devastating form of hand-to-hand combat from the Philippines. Again we are looking at a traditional Martial-art from the Philippines and that region of the world which has given us a lot of good fighting and effective styles that work on the street.

Dirty Boxing is Muay Thai based in a lot of ways. It consists of taking the devastating punches and combinations of Boxing and adding elbows, knees, eye gouges, arm locks and grappling/clinching techniques into a form of self-defense. Dirty Boxing transforms any boxing-based martial art like Boxing, Muay Thai, Kickboxing, MMA, Savate, Jeet Kune Do or Krav Maga into a Lethal form for real-world fighting and self-defense.

Dirty Boxing has less emphasis on kicking but if used they are low kicks which are effective to the legs and ribs of an attacker. Some of the main techniques of this style are head butts, finger jabs, claws, palms, slaps, forearm strikes, hammer fists, knuckle fists, back fists, thumb gouges, fish hooks, shoulder butts, sweeps, bolo punches, clinching, all types of elbows and knees and low kicks in combination with mainstream boxing punches, so I think you can honestly say this art of fighting left not too much to be desired when it comes to hurt your attacker and you can see where the street fighting "no rules" concept comes into play, but punching and kicking is just one concept of practicing and working out in self-defense...

The other concept is.... the benefits of burning calories and losing weight. Part of the training for Dirty Boxing, Muay Thai and Krav-Maga is to hit the heavy bag. There are so many heavy bag workouts out there I won`t began to name any but if you want a better cardiovascular workout than pounding your Nikes on the treadmill and one that strengthens, tones, and give you an all-around workout then the heavy bag is a good tool. So, when practicing and working out with Dirty Boxing the concept that....

Dirty Boxing is one way of defending yourself against an attacker or multiple attackers by taking the techniques of boxing and other Martial-arts and combining it into a fighting system that would even make Mr. T stand up and say "I pity the Fool!" to an attacker that tries to hurt a practitioner of this style.

So, In the famous words of Bruce Lee, "Just be the water" ....

Look up the meaning on-line and you will know what I mean about just react in any self-defense situation don`t let those thoughts of doubt take over your mind and cause you to hesitate.