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Published:July 4th, 2017 10:43 EST

Mexican Mayor Marries Magnificent Crocodile

By Robert Paul Reyes

"The mayor of a Mexican town married a crocodile as part of a centuries-old tradition to bring an abundant harvest to the fishing town.

Mayor Victor Aguilar of San Pedro Huamelula wed his reptilian bride Friday in a ceremony symbolizing the union of two indigenous groups, the Chontales and the Huaves.

The mayor in the wedding ceremony represents the Chontales prince, while the crocodile represents the Huale princess."


My thoughts:

The hapless crocodile`s mouth was duct taped shut, if anybody`s trap should be taped shut it should be the politician`s.

A groom is supposed to love and trust his bride, it doesn`t show much trust when you tape your bride`s yapper shut.

I could care less if marrying a crocodile to bring good luck is an ancient indigenous tradition, it`s still animal cruelty. A crocodile isn`t a prop, and it`s inhumane to tape his jaws.

It`s appropriate that the mayor married a reptile, I trust a politician as much as I trust a crocodile.

I hope that whatever deities the mayor and the townspeople were trying to appease, will smite their village.

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