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Published:July 5th, 2017 17:47 EST

Donald Trump: Dude Where's My Limo?

By Robert Paul Reyes

"The scenes aired Monday on Fox News as President Trump landed at Joint Base Andrews airfield. He is seen stepping off the plane and waving to a gathered crowd. However, when he reaches the bottom of the steps, he seems to miss his ride-parked directly in front of the jet-and walks off in a different direction. Maybe, like his alternative facts, he just prefers alternative routes? Trump is then redirected to his awaiting car by an aide."


The presidential limo is known as "Cadillac One" and "The Beast," the sedan is longer than two large SUVs and weighs eight tons. Even Stevie Wonder wouldn`t miss the monstrosity if it pulled up in front of him.

But when President Donald Trump landed at Joint Base Andrews airfield, and stepped off the plane, he walked right by the limo that was parked directly in front of the jet. Trump was redirected to his limo by an aide.

This embarrassing incident has sparked rumors that Trump is suffering from dementia, here are a few solutions to prevent this from happening again:

The president likes to brand his properties with his name, why not install a neon "Trump" sign on top of the presidential limo?

New chauffeur: Kellyanne Conway butt naked, wearing only a "Make America Great Again" hat. The prez will never walk past his ride again.

Paint footprints on the ground leading from the plane to the limo.

Assign one of his Secret Service Agents (blond, female, hot) to hold his hand and lead him directly to the limo.

Have the limo driver honk the horn to get the attention of the clueless bastard.

Dear Lord, Trump has been in office for less than six months and he`s already embarrassed our country countless times.

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