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Published:July 5th, 2017 12:40 EST

Great News! Robots Will be Flipping Burgers at CaliBurger Restaurants by 2018!

By Robert Paul Reyes

"A burger-flipping robot called Flippy will be at work in CaliBurger restaurants by early 2018.

Enter Miso Robotics. The southern California start-up has built a robotic kitchen assistant called Flippy to do the hot, greasy and repetitive work of a fry cook.

robotFlippy employs machine learning and computer vision to identify patties on a grill, track them as they cook, flip and then place them on a bun when they`re done.

Miso is part of a budding kitchen automation industry. Its peers include Zume Pizza, Cafe X, Makr Shakr, Frobot and Sally, which are developing robots to help commercial kitchens churn out pizzas, lattes, cocktails, frozen yogurt, and salads."


I`m down with the robot revolution, and the mechanical workers can begin by taking over menial jobs like flipping burgers. As a germaphobe I`d rather have a robot with stainless steel hands handling my burger than a pimply wanker.

A robot called Clerkie could handle the cash register, it wouldn`t take a computer expert to program it to say "Do you want fries with that?"

In fact, a fast food restaurant workforce composed entirely of robots would attract customers who appreciate efficient and courteous service. Burger joint bathrooms are usually a freaking mess, none of the low-paid employees wants to clean it. A robot wouldn`t have any reservations about cleaning toilets and mopping floors.

A robot isn`t going to contaminate your food, steal your identification or exhibit rude behavior, and it works for free! Humans suck, I will patronize any business that employs robots.

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