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Published:July 7th, 2017 10:51 EST

Even the Rasmussen Poll Shows Donald Trump's Approval Rating in the Toilet

By Robert Paul Reyes

"The poll President Donald Trump has publicly touted isn`t bringing him much good news lately. The latest survey released by Rasmussen Reports Thursday found Trump`s approval rating his nearing his all-time low.

Just 44 percent of respondents approved of Trump`s job performance in the survey, while 56 percent disapproved. That`s just one percentage point better than the president`s lowest approval ever in the Rasmussen Reports tracking poll: He hit 43 percent approval on multiple occasions. But Trump had risen to 46 percent at the end of June, and he also tweeted out the results of the poll earlier in the month-when he rose to 50 percent approval."


Rasmussen Reports is the Fox News of polls, when every poll finds Trump beneath water, Rasmussen can be counted on to be the outlier that finds him treading water. It begs the question does Rasmussen interview only schmucks who`ve purchased "Make America Great" hats?

When even the Rasmussen poll finds Trump`s approval rating nearing his all-time low is should be perceived as a clarion call by the president that his administration is in deep trouble.

Trump frequently cites Rasmussen to prove that he still enjoys a modicum of support, will he now declare that it`s a fake poll, like every other poll?

If Trump has his druthers he would officially make Fox News the state news network, and he would create a state poll that`s weighted in his favor.

Sorry Trump but this isn`t Russia or North Korea, and our independent and fair news outlets like MSNBC, CNN, ABC News and CBS News are going to report the truth that your administration is an abject failure, and the polls are going to report the truth that your ratings are in the toilet.

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