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Published:October 27th, 2017 11:53 EST

Airman Returns to San Antonio to Train Next Generation

By SOP newswire3

As a basic trainee, Air Force Senior Airman Robert Allore completed his combat arms training at the Medina Training Annex here.

Five years later, Allore finds himself back at the Medina Annex, training the next generation of airmen as a combat arms training instructor with the 37th Training Support Squadron.


"Having the opportunity to instruct basic trainees is outstanding," Allore said. "I fully remember my [combat arms training and maintenance] experience during [basic military training]. I sat in this very classroom and looked at the exact same blue boards that we have here now.

"To now be on the other side teaching new airmen coming to us from BMT is a very surreal feeling," he said. "Being able to give them the knowledge that I have and seeing them make progress is what I really enjoy about instructing."

Passing on Knowledge

As a combat arms instructor, Allore trains basic trainees, airmen preparing for deployment or permanent change of station and airmen requalifying on their weapons.

"I love teaching," he said. "I like helping people and trying to pass on knowledge and wisdom. I enjoy improving not only myself, but other people as well. This job does exactly that. You have the opportunity to teach multiple people, not just security forces, every career field."

There are many things Allore enjoys about his job, but what he said he enjoys the most is being able to positively impact someone`s career -- especially if it is someone early in their Air Force career.

"The best things about being here with basic trainees, they are so motivated to learn," Allore said. "These airmen are the future. To instruct, knowing that these airmen are going to go out and do big things in their career, and having the ability to have a positive impact on someone`s career, even if it is one person, that what makes being here so important to me."

Allore is hopeful that his time at the Medina Training Annex will help propel him to the next step in his Air Force career.

"I have always wanted to be an instructor, and there is no better place to do that than JBSA-Lackland," Allore said. "I`m using the skills and tools I have learned here to one day become [a military training instructor]."

For anyone else chasing their dreams in the Air Force, Allore has a few pieces of advice.

"Stay motivated, live by the core values and just keep pushing each and every day," he said.

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