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Published:December 18th, 2017 17:52 EST

Donald Trump Thinks He's Going to be Exonerated Soon! What a Moron!

By Robert Paul Reyes

Donald Trump has on overriding obsession, and it`s not Little Rocket Man, his little penis or his ongoing battles with the media, FBI and the judicial system.


From the moment he begins tweeting at three o`clock in the morning until Chief of Staff John Kelly tucks him in at night all he thinks about is Special Counsel Robert Mueller`s Russia investigation.

Trump has no one but himself to blame for Mueller`s investigation, the die was cast when he fired FBI Director James Comey.

He may call it a witch hunt and a hoax, but it`s a legitimate and independent investigation that has already derailed his administration, and may ultimately lead to his impeachment and removal from office.

Trump is on a mission from God to discredit Mueller and his team of lawyers and FBI agents, but the more dirt he flings the more his nasty dwarf hands get dirty.

Trump is being abetted by Republican congressional leaders who are calling on Mueller to resign, but that will happen on the same day the president apologizes for being a fuc*ing moron.

But in recent days Trump has exhibited a Zen-like calmness, for some crazy reason he`s under the impression that the end of the investigation is nearing, and that he will soon be fully exonerated by Mueller.

When Trump realizes that the investigation has months if not years to run, and that the likely outcome is an indictment, and not exoneration he`s going to flip his freaking wig.

Prepare for an explosion of epic proportions.

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