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Published:January 7th, 2018 11:11 EST

Louis the Horse-riding Cat Breaks the Internet! Video!

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Now there`s something you don`t see every day. It`s a cat, riding a horse. Louis the cat and Comet the pony both belong to a professional horse-trainer. They`re good buddies, and often enjoy going on rides in the English countryside. The odd couple sure looks like they`re having fun. After all, what`s better than spending quality time with a friend?"


YouTube Description

There are a gazillion and one videos on YouTube depicting cats doing just about everything under the sun, but this may be the only video depicting a feline riding a horse.

Louis the cat isn`t a side-saddle riding sissy, he is an accomplished equestrian. Perhaps Judge Roy Moore the well known alleged pedophile and amateur horseman can take pointers from Louis on how to properly ride a horse.

It`s surprising that there aren`t more horse-riding cats considering that felines gravitate toward higher perches. My cat Ebony likes to jump on top of my highest bookcase so she can properly survey her domain:

With all the tomfoolery and insanity emanating from the White House, I thought my readers might enjoy this adorable diversion:

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