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Published:March 7th, 2018 17:39 EST

Duchess of Cambridge Has Deformed Hands: Is She a Clone, Shape-Shifting Reptilian or Spawn of Satan?

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Duchess Kate is known for making headlines for her chic and frequently affordable style, sweet philanthropic moments and inspirational parenting advice, but now shes making news in the lifestyle world for a very different reason: Her hands.


Kate`s long and delicate fingers are going viral for an unusual reason -- it seems that her pointer, ring and middle fingers are all the same length."


The Duchess of Cambridge has a maternal glow, and her baby bump is garnering a lot of attention.

But nowhere near as much attention as her deformed hands, her pointer, ring and middle fingers are all the same length. Needless to say this is not normal, and it has the stench of sulfur.

There`s no need to burn this demonic royal at the stake, but the Queen Mother should issue a royal decree ordering Kate never to go out in public without wearing white gloves.

Is lovely Kate a spawn of Satan, a reptilian shape-shifter or a clone? God only knows, but the debate will linger as long as she continues to brazenly show off her witch`s hands.

And I thought Donald Trump`s short hands were repulsive ...

Pic of Kate`s evil hands:

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