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Published:April 18th, 2018 17:03 EST

Teen Student Shows Up For Senior Prom in a Casket! Video!

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Alexandrea Clark arrived to her senior prom in a hearse on Saturday at Americus Sumter High School, and said there was a good message behind it.


Clark arrived to her senior prom in a hearse on Saturday at Americus Sumter High School. She took the short, five to 10-minute ride from the funeral home to school, which has since gone viral. She says her vision for her grand entrance was two years in the making.

She told 11Alive she did it in-part to encourage her classmates to not drink and drive.

`I was thinking about my class and how they are going to prom and doing the bad stuff after prom; like having drugs and doing all that,` she said.


High school seniors like to make a grand entrance by arriving for the senior prom in a limousine, but Alexandrea Clark stole the show by arriving in a hearse, and then being unloaded from the vehicle in a casket.

Clark wasn`t just trying to achieve viral infamy, she was sending a not so subtle message to her classmates: Don`t Drink and Drive!

Clark has been working for two years at the West Mortuary in Americus, and her dream since middle school is to become a funeral director.

She loves working in a mortuary, "because I love being around people and helping others."

I think I missed my calling, unlike Clark I don`t like people at all, and working around dead people would be heaven on Earth.

When I croak I hope I will be embalmed by somebody who loves career like Clark. You Go Girl!

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