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Published:April 28th, 2018 10:28 EST

Whole Foods Draws Flak for 'Yellow Fever' Asian Restaurant

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Earlier this week, Whole Foods opened a new Asian-themed restaurant called Yellow Fever at one of their Long Beach, California locations - and Twitter immediately pointed out how racist the name was."


The Raw Story

"Yellow Fever" is a slang term for white men who prefer Asian women, and the name of a viral disease that killed hundreds of thousands of people during the 19th century.

You`d think an Asian restaurant would avoid such a racist and unappetizing name like the plague, but I guess some folks still abide by the proverb that there`s no such thing as bad publicity.

Will Whole Foods open a fast food restaurant in their stores called Herpes Burgers, and when customers order a burger, will the staff be instructed to ask them, "Do you want an STD with that?"

The controversial restaurant is not owned by Whole Foods, it`s an independent restaurant chain that has partnered up with the grocery chain to open in its store. However by letting the restaurant open in one of its locations, Whole Foods is endorsing racism as a marketing ploy.

I love Asian food, but I will avoid the Yellow Fever restaurant and The Whole Foods grocery stores like the plague.

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