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Published:May 1st, 2018 17:53 EST

Outrage! Oklahoma City Cop Prevents Chicken from Crossing the Road!

By Robert Paul Reyes

"A surprised Oklahoma City police officer captured video of a `small town problem in the big city`-- a loose chicken crossing a road.


The Oklahoma City Police Department posted a video to Facebook showing Officer Cook dealing with the unusual pedestrian found crossing a city street.

"You know, just `cause we`re in the big city don`t mean we don`t have small town problems," Cook says in the video.

The post said Cook captured the chicken to keep it safe from traffic."


The Oklahoma City police officer characterized a chicken crossing a road as a "small town problem in the big city." He also opined "just cause we`re in the big city don`t mean we don`t have small town problems."

Where to begin ... First of all, Oklahoma City with a population of around half a million hardly qualifies as a "big city." But even if Oklahoma City had a population of five million, they`re still a bunch of Okies with no conception of what it means to live in a large metropolitan area.

Officer Cook`s penchant for employing double negatives ensures that he will be a small town cop even he becomes a police officer in New York City.

We`ve all pondered the metaphysical question, "Why did the chicken cross the road?," but very few of us have actually witnessed a chicken crossing a road.

How dare Officer Cook grab the chicken, and prevent it from crossing the road. Officer Cook is an affront to Oklahoma City, law enforcement, and indeed to all of humanity.

Cook traumatized the commuters and pedestrians who witnessed his unspeakable actions, may the good Lord have mercy on his soul.

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