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Published:June 2nd, 2018 11:34 EST

Donald Trump is a Liar

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Donald Trump is a liar. Not just in the sense that we are all fallible human beings who probably say things that aren`t true sometimes - he has made flagrant disregard for the truth a hallmark for his approach to business and politics.


He wrote about his strategic use of dishonesty in The Art of The Deal. He admitted to routinely lying about important matters in a sworn deposition. And of course it`s obvious to anyone who`s followed his political career that he has continued to exhibit a flagrant disregard for the truth as he pivoted from real estate developer to celebrity brand licenser to president. A core belief of his is that lying is a good way to get ahead, which is why he lies so much.

In addition to being a liar, Trump is unusually ill-informed about public policy for a president, so he plausibly says some things that aren`t true out of genuine lack of knowledge. This leads to a natural caution on the part of some journalists who cover the White House about calling a lie a lie, with phrases like `demonstrable falsehood` instead."


All of us bend the truth sometimes, but our moral code, and societal expectations prevent us from becoming pathological liars. Sometimes it`s just more expedient to simply tell the truth, we don`t have to worry that we`ll forget which lie we told to which person.

Donald Trump is a liar is the same sense that Pol Pot was a murderer, Hitler was a racist, and Whitney Houston was a crackhead.

Deceit is the oxygen that flows in his veins, and feeds his demented mind.

If Trump stopped lying the orange pig would shrivel and die, truth is such a foreign element that his immune system wouldn`t be able to handle the truth.

Sometimes Trump`s lies are calculated, and sometimes they just fly out of his mouth without any forethought - dissembling is his default mode.

Trump is a sociopath, he doesn`t have any regrets or remorse about spinning untruths. In his mind his deceptions and misrepresentations are the truth, even if they are blatantly false to the average person.

There`s a debate in polite society whether to call Trump a liar or use a euphemism, allow me to explain where I stand on the issue.

We should always call a "spade a spade" and a liar a liar, and we shouldn`t have any false hopes that we will shame Trump into being more truthful. You`re not going to shame a prostitute by calling her a "freaking whore," or a televangelist by calling him a "false prophet," and you are certainly not going to shame Trump by calling him a pathological liar.

It`s incumbent upon pundits, politicians and preachers to speak the truth to power and call Trump a liar. We must label Trump a liar because as a society we must make it crystal clear that we won`t tolerate a serial liar. Every time we use a euphemism to describe a Trump whopper it diminishes us as a democracy that holds truth in high regard.

I know it`s tedious to call Donald Trump a liar every time he opens his mouth, but that`s our responsibility as journalists and bloggers.

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