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Published:August 9th, 2018 18:09 EST

Old Man, 70, Mounts 11 Phones to Bicycle to Play 'Pokemon Go'

By Robert Paul Reyes

"A 70-year-old Taiwan man has become a local celebrity after being spotted around the city playing Pokemon Go on 11 smartphones mounted to his bike.
Chen San-yuan who said he sometimes stays out until 4 a.m. hunting for Pokemon, said he became hooked on Pokemon Go after his grandson showed him how to play in 2016."


Most senior citizens have a basic flip style cell phone with big, easy-to-read, raised buttons with large print, and a limited number of apps.

But Chen San-yuan aka "Uncle Pokemon" has 11 smartphones mounted to his bicycle to enable him to capture, battle and train virtual creatures. I`m not sure that`s a good idea, he may ride his bike over a cliff in search of Pokemon. Why can`t he be like most septuagenarians and prowl the attic in search of German soldiers?

The old codger became hooked on Pokemon Go when his grandson showed him how to play, and he spends $1,300 on his hobby. I suspect the grandson`s parents want to choke the stupid kid, gramps is burning their inheritance.

At least Uncle Pokemon isn`t driving while playing the damn game, an elderly Asian driver in search of virtual creatures -- that wouldn`t end well.

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