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Published:September 15th, 2018 10:10 EST

The Weather Channel Meteorologists Are Drama Queens

By Robert Paul Reyes

I tune into the Weather Channel (TWC) once or twice a week for their Local on the 8`s segment that`s devoted to my local weather.


I devote about five minutes per week to the TWC programming, but when there`s a major hurricane threatening the east coast, TWC is Must See TV.

The on air talent on TWC are required to have degrees in meteorology and in theatre arts. Every tropical storm that TWC covers whether it`s a Cat 5 hurricane or only a tropical depression is a storm of biblical proportions. I`m afraid to switch to another channel lest I miss the entire eastern seaboard being flooded.

A TWC meteorologist in Wilmington, NC was caught on video bracing for what appeared to be Cat 5 gale force winds, and then two men appeared on screen casually walking behind the drama queen weather dude.

That dear friends and neighbors is why I watch TWC!

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