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Published:September 21st, 2018 14:42 EST

Plastic Jesus Vandalizes Donald Trump's Hollywood Walk of Fame Star

By Robert Paul Reyes

"There is a doctrine in tort law known as `attractive nuisance` that concerns structures, such as pools, hot tubs, playgrounds, etc. that are attractive to children. The rule of attractive nuisance holds that if a child is injured as a result of using an attractive nuisance, the property owner is liable for such injury, even if the child had no permission to be on the property in the first place."


Let my explain the tort law known as "attractive nuisance" in layman terms: If you have a slide in your unfenced front yard, and if a punk kid who doesn`t respect property rights slides down, and the uncoordinated idiot breaks his neck, you are legally liable.

"Donald Trump`s star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame got the prison bars treatment ... after a familiar prankster pulled off the hilarious stunt.

"The president`s WOF star was locked down after a street artist, who goes by the name Plastic Jesus, attached bars to the star.

moron Plastic Jesus says he used instant-drying, industrial strength, double-sided sticky tape, which is why he says it took the Trump supporter HOURS to remove them, also to everyone`s delight."


Donald Trump`s Walk of Fame star has been repeatedly vandalized, it`s been spray painted, broken apart by a pickaxe, and shattered by a sledgehammer.

Trump`s star is an attractive nuisance, it`s almost impossible for a patriot who walks by the star not to desecrate the execrable thing.

If I ever visit Hollywood and I see the abomination, and if I don`t have a hammer handy, I will whip out my Johnson and piss on it.

The Walk of Fame is administered by the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce, and they should be legally liable for the $2,000 that it takes to replace the star after it`s vandalized.

Plastic Jesus should be rewarded with a key to the city by the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce for his artistic vandalism.

In fact, I wish Plastic Jesus would run for president in 2020, he would do an infinitely better job than the false Messiah elected by white evangelicals, racists, rednecks and other assorted riff-raff.

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